Portrait Design Pricing

Basic order includes the original hand drawn portrait.


Starting Rate - $200


Pricing for printing enlargment: 


... +$7 for 4x6inch glossy print


... +$10 for 5x7inch glossy print


... +$15 for 8x10inch glossy print


... +$17 for 11x14inch glossy print


... +$20 for 12x18inch glossy print


... +$25 for 16x20inch glossy print

... +$30 for 24x36inch glossy print
Please contact me for a custom quote or multiple orders.
Portraits can be made into any item, ranging from coffee mugs, blankets, pillows, phone cases etc.

Prices are subject to change. Your deposit will guarentee the final price will be the same as when you placed your order. 

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