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Hello! My name is Greg, and I'm the artist behind Little Beagle Studio. I have been drawing all my life. I started in preschool, sketching what I saw in the pages of National Geographic magazines. Early on, my teachers were often frustrated by my stubborn refusal to do anything other than draw all day. Throughout my schooling, I continued to draw on my own, in art classes and with friends. My favorite type of drawing is small detailed pieces, which is why most of my work is done on index cards no larger than 3x5 inches. I love going to the craft store and picking up new pens and markers, there can never be too many colors to choose from! I like to draw the things I see in real life when I'm walking my dog, running, or spending time with family. I take inspiration from the beauty of the world around me, most of my work is from memories of places I've been, and people I've met. When I'm not drawing, I enjoy running with friends and taking long walks with my beagle, Lady. I have completed four marathons (Boston three times and Providence once), one half marathon, and six obstacle course races. 



Hello! My name is Jacqui. I am the marketing manager and web designer behind Little Beagle Studio. If you've seen our ads on facebook, you've seen my work; I also helped design the website, and continue to monitor and update the Little Beagle Studio social media channels every day. I am a graduate student at Syracuse University. I met Greg in 2010 when we were working at Shaw's Supermarket in Ashland, MA. During my freshman year of college, I studied Graphic Design and Web Design, but chose to pursue other interests in college and graduate school. I've had the unique pleasure to know Greg and experience his amazing artistic talent. Little Beagle Studio was founded in 2013 after I asked Greg to draw a portrait for my mother of our recently deceased dog. My mother appreciated his artistic talent so much, that she insisted he draw the rest of our pets. Soon after, others began to recognize Greg's talent for portraits. I agreed to Little Beagle Studio from a managerial position to help him stay organized. If you have any questions about products seen on our site, you'll most likely be receiving an answer from me. 



This is Lady, Greg's beagle and muse. She is the little beagle behind Little Beagle Studio! Lady enjoys long walks, meticulously ripping squeakers out of toys, and napping in her bed. Greg's family adopted Lady in 2011 from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA. In fact, she almost didn't go home with them at all. Another family was originally scheduled to take her, but in a stroke of luck they backed out, and the rest is history. Greg takes Lady for a walk every day, and at night she often sleeps at the foot of his bed. Lady is very happy Greg started his own business, because she knows that her owner will be able to afford more treats! 

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